Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Generation Gap?!?!?!

If you are over the age of 30, you probably remember it.  Your parents.  A teacher maybe, or a boss or a Coach or some older, authority figure in you life.  They talked about how hard they had it and how easy we had it.  I always swore that would never be me.  You know...telling your kids how you had to walk 10 miles in the snow just to get to school.  Well...I guess I've gotten there.

The kids that are now just getting out of college, the supposed "future" of our country, they are an entirely different generation.

They have been spoiled and they don't even know it.  Many of them will talk about how they've inherited the debt and bad choices of the previous generations.  They will talk about the sad state of the economy, all the problems with our environment etc etc.

I don't want to hear it.  Their generation, and the next wave coming up behind them, have had it EASY.


Computers have been an everyday part of these kids' lives as long as they can remember.

The Internet : Come on...really?  They don't know what it was like before they could just pull up Google or Yahoo and find whatever they wanted.  School papers?  How about the know the place that has these odd looking things made out of paper and cardboard. BOOKS.  You actually had to READ to find the information you needed.  Now when writing a paper it takes longer for them to find the correct playlist of songs to listen to while they copy and paste until their heart's content.  They take homework  to school on USB memory keys.  Remember having to take a project or a paper to school?  Remember getting points taken off because it was dirty or folded.  Remember the whole "The dog at my homework" excuse?

What do they say now?

"My laptop got a virus, so my homework was corrupted."  It just doesn't sound the same. YAWN.

Not to mention CGI.  That's Computer Generated Imagery for those still think AOL is an ISP.

Remember watching Dukes of Hazard or The A-Team on TV?  PRIME TIME.  You watched on "the TV" since you didn't have a TV in your room. There wasn't a DVR to fast-forward past commercials.  Not to mention there were no commercials about the little blue pills.

Remember the car chases? The stunts? Any of you watched any of those original shows and movies lately?

Talking about spoiling memories of your childhood.  Now it's easy to see the car make an  impossible jump, and notice the difference in the two cars. The one that made the jump and the one that continued driving.  Or the inevitable "Magic Hub Cap" that always fell off, but then conveniently reappeared shortly thereafter.

Movies and TV-Shows now have animation and action that make our generation's picks look downright corny by comparison.

Don't even get me started on video games.  Anybody else still have dreams (nightmares) about watching that ball bounce back and forth in games ling PONG?  Or what about that wonderful soundtrack from classics like Space Invaders or Pac-Man.

Now today's video games make the first computers we ever had access to seem like calculators.

Remember the hand held Mattel football game?  That was high tech.  Now you have 3d, color game consoles that connect to your buddy's game and let's you play against him.

Spoiled brats.

But there are things that make me smile with this current generation.

Anyone noticed the haircuts that kids are sporting now?

I call it the "Bobby Brady" look.  These kids thing it's original.  Is there such a thing anymore?

What about Star Wars? We had Han guys have computer generated heroes.  We had midgets in robot suits. You have actual robots.

On a More Serious Note:

In our day, if you lost your job, you simply found another one.  You didn't have to like it, you just looked to you found a job.  Not today.

We've got twenty-something's with highly specialized degrees (like say Ancient French Literature) who get out in the real world after 4 years on Mom and Dad's gold card, and suddenly realize that things cost money.  And when you can't call to hit your parents up for money, you have to actually EARN it and pay for it yourself.

I love seeing newly "independent" kids realize the TRUE cost of things.

Unfortunately, and it's entirely the fault of the parents who "raised" them, we've got a mass of young people that don't know the difference between a WANT and a NEED.

I hate to break it to them, but high speed internet is a LUXURY.

Cable TV? Go tune in to a channel using two knobs, then get back to me.

But you can't entirely blame them.  They learned, or didn't as the case may be, from their parents.

Every heard the term "Helicopter Parents" ? Go look it's REAL...and it just might scare the crap out of you enough to go give your kid a healthy beating just to make a point.

I have a friend who runs a business. He actually had a kid apply (fresh college grad with ZERO experience) show up for an interview.  You know that part of the interview where your potential Boss asks "Do you have any questions?"

Well now applicants actually do ask questions.

Questions like...

"So how many paid vacation days do I get to start?"

"Do I have to wear a tie to work?"

"Do I have to be here at 8:00am or is 9:00am okay?"

In fact this friend interviewed this kid.  And the next day he got a call....FROM THE KID'S MOTHER. Asking about "Why he hadn't gotten back to him about his interview."

The kid? He was in his TWENTIES.

God help us all.

We're going to need it.

This new generation will be in charge pretty soon.

I hear bottled water is on sale...I've got to go stock up.  Canned foods isn't a bad idea either.

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