Monday, February 6, 2012

Exercise, Super Bowl and Halftime shows...


Started back going to the gym this morning.  Now granted I'm no fat cow..but I definitely need to put some work in.  I'm watching what I'm eating, and besides I want to get back in a physical shape that I feel GOOD about.  The health and other benefits that come along with that are just cake.

You know I'd forgotten how GOOD it feels starting the day after a workout.  Sure, I'll be sore as hell come tomorrow...if not tonight..but damn I missed the endorphin kick!!!!

Okay back to our regularly scheduled programming...

So I watched the Superbowl, like I'm sure a lot of people did yesterday evening.

Now of course when they went the halftime and I realized (I guess everyone else know BUT me) that MADONNA was doing the halftime show I was taken aback.  But seriously...I pay a lot more attention to the commercials during the broadcast than I do the halftime show.  But it was playing...we were all talking and I remember seeing most of it. I did see the part where Madonna almost fell and broke her hip...helluva thing at her age...LMAO.

So imagine my surprise this morning when one of the "News" headlines is an article about "M.I.A" flipping off everyone during the performance.

First off, I admit I may be out of touch with current music trends...I couldn't tell you who the hell M.I.A is...or what her "name" stands for...but I totally must have missed the flip off.

Is this that big of a deal?


Aren't there more important things to talk about on Monday morning?

Oh well...I don't know why I'm surprised.

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