Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How can people be so stupid? Really?

We see it everyday.  Dumb crooks, idiot name it, some idiot has done it.  But every now and again, I experience stupidity that makes me question whether or not we should be guarding the gene pool.  You know maybe a scanner like deal...think conveyor belt type apparatus.  Baby is born, taken to table to be weighed and measured, passed through the "scanner", if it reads him / her as an idiot, bam a little zap and they are sterile.

Am I serious....No..but jesus, it's got to end somewhere...people will have to be reminded to breath pretty soon.

This morning I'm driving into work.  This is a large city. Downtown. I've got a green light, not just's been green since I spotted it two blocks away.  Here come 3 idiots crossing against the light.  SLOWLY.  As in "Please hit me so I can get paid" slowly.

When I don't stop (I have the light) this one stands on the corner and just GLARES at me.  My window is halfway down...I yell;

"Red light stop. Green light go."

They just continue to breath out of their mouth and give me a clueless stare.

Then I'm leaving's rush hour.  There is a lane closed on the road I use to get to the Interstate.  It's been like that for several weeks...nothing new.  I watch the SAME CARS I see day after day, hauling ass in the left lane, knowing they have to get over, as the left lane is closed up ahead....but yet they still do it. And they don't signal and see if you are going to let them over, as much as they just change lanes....assuming you'll stop.  Today I was just not in the mood. This woman in a Lexus just comes over...I lay on the horn and keep going.  As we come to the stop light, she's stuck in the lane that is close through the intersection.  She is honking her horn, I can see her gesturing and talking out of the corner of my eye.  I just ignore her.  Then right as the light turns green, I anticipate her trying to jump the light, and cut me off so she can enter the Interstate, and she's stuck. Literally STOPPED in front of the construction blockade, waiting for someone to let her over.  Normally I would let her over no problem...but this is the third time in a the last few says I've seen this SAME car with the SAME driver, doing the SAME thing.

The funny part?  The herd mentality.  There were 3-4 cars clogged up behind her trying to do the same thing she was.....there was more coming as I entered the Interstate.

Sometimes it's the little things.

When did people get THIS stupid?  I can only think how long these idiots would live if they had to hunt, fish, scrounge or fight for their survival?  

The scary thing is these people hold our lives in their hands when they are behind the wheel of a 3000LB weapon.

Good luck out there.

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