Sunday, February 19, 2012

     Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, and I’m feeling the need.  You ever notice things, have things happen to you during a ‘normal’ day that just drive you crazy?  Most times you just try to ignore and keep your blood pressure from skyrocketing, but sometimes you just want to hit people upside the head with a baseball bat and say “Hello? Are you really that stupid?”
     So here’s my RANT post.  I’m going to make this a semi-regularly thing, as the mood strikes.

Why are people so stupid when it comes to snow?  Granted I don’t live in a place where 2ft of snow is no big deal, but it snows a couple of time each Winter here.  It’s not a big deal. So why do all these idiots run out to the store, even before it’s snowing, and start buying up bread and milk?  Bread and milk? Really?  I can see a family huddled around a propane heater, the power is out, but they have BREAD and MILK so everything is okay.  If it was beer and pizza, then maybe I could see it.
To the idiot kid who backed straight out of his parking spot without even looking back, around or even checking his mirrors (he was too busy messing with this radio)I almost let you pull right into me as I walked towards the store.  You’ll never know how close you came to having me pulling you out of the half-rolled down window of you own car and scaring the shit out of you.  I hope you don’t end up killing somebody before someone realize how stupid you are.
To the constant rude ass people I always have to deal with, especially at the grocery store, I hope you taught your kids better.  If not I get the feeling I’ll be dealing with their rudeness in the years to come. No promises I won’t deal with them a little more proactively. Blocking the entire aisle with your shopping cart, and then getting an attitude when I asked “Can I get by?”  I should have just shoved your cart down the aisle and then tripped you as I walked by.  At least one of us would have felt better.
To the idiot shopping while her small child ran around like a f’n mental patient.  You better learn to deal with your kid.  If this is how he acts at that age, I can imagine how he’ll be when he’s older.  The prisons are already full, do us all a favor and be a parent.  My son never ran around like least more than once.
To the growing stream of drivers who can’t seem to fathom why they need to drive at least CLOSE to or at the speed limit.  You’re holding up EVERYONE.  You either look TERRIFIED while going 30mph in a 35mph zone, or you’re talking on your phone, talking with your passenger, or generally doing everything but what you need to doing…DRIVING.
To the generation of idiots who drive based on their favorite character in Fast and Furious , you are NOT a good driver.  The fact you THINK you are makes you even more dangerous. And by the way, that 4 foot wing on your car makes it look like a wind up toy.  And for PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD change that muffler, it sounds like a cat being swallowed by a lawn mower.
To the people I meet almost every morning.  The ones who find it impossible to hold a door, who don’t know what THANK YOU means, I am keeping score.  Eventually I’m just going to walk around with a paint ball gun and start splattering you with paint balls.  At least other people would know ahead of time you are rude piece of shit.
To the parents who find it impossible to discipline your children.  Keep in mind that even though they may eventually leave your house, other people will then have to cope with your failing to be a parent.  Never heard of a kid who needed a shrink from getting the occasional spanking as a child.  Of course there are plenty of spoiled little brats who grew up to be thankless idiots who can’t figure out why they don’t have friends, a job or garner any respect.
Until next time….

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