Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working out....why?

                So as I’m dragging my ass out of bed this morning to get to the gym, the voices are fighting.

                “Screw the gym today.  Missing one day won’t kill you.”

                “Get up you lazy shit, you know you’ll be pissed if you don’t end up working out.”

                The argument escalated from there, but I’ve learned to let the voices in my head hash it out among themselves.  Did this while I was  shagging ass to get my clothes on and go.

                Got downstairs to the kitchen, started to make protein shakes.  (I make one for me to drink pre workout and I also make one for my teenage son who simply can’t get enough calories into his body) Open the fridge and realize I forgot to buy milk. 

                “It’s only a few days out of date.  How bad could it be.”

                Famous.  Last.  Words. 

                Holy shit how can skim milk smell so bad?  It’s mostly water anyway.  Talking about waking up in a hurry.  I bet there’s a Hollywood diet like this.  Wake up, smell something spoiled or drink something to make your puke, then go back to sleep.  Rinse (literally) and repeat.

                So I get in the truck, and light up a cigarette. 

                Yeah I get it.  Talking about working out every morning, all while lighting up on the way.  Sue me.

                Get my MP3 player and headphones in place on the way (gym is like 5 min from my house if that) and I’m reasonably pumped and awake when  I get there.  Nod at the normal people that inhabit this place this early in the morning, throw my crap in my locker and off I go.

                Had to rush my work out a bit, but DEFINITELY glad I got out of bed.  Still can’t believe how much better I feel after working out every day.  BUT – you knew it was coming didn’t you – I have an observation to report, after working out every  morning for the last couple of weeks.

                Now I have knees that have been ridden hard and put up wet.  My feet are flatter than Big Box store 2x4’s after years in the Army. This equates to running being painful.  So I ride the stationary bike.  No I don’t loaf along while watching TV.  Normally I do 30-35 minutes on a ‘Hill Training’ program, and the bike also monitors heart rate, so  I know I’m actually doing something.

                That being said, what’s up with these guys (and several women as well) who can get on a treadmill for 30 minutes, run like 10 damn miles, but when they get off and you look at them, you’d never believe that person just did that.  Pot belly?  Saddlebags?  I understand those just starting out…Hell I can’t cast the first stone, I’d end up with a boulder on my head…but really these people are gym rats.  I wonder if they think that lifting weights will mess them up?  Or they’ll lift for a week and look like a steroid abuser?

                Overheard one guy mention he ran 5 miles every morning for the last two years. The guy looked like he swallowed a small bowling ball…maybe a bocce ball? 5 years of that for THAT ?  No thanks, I’d just start eating exclusively off the dollar menu and watching reality TV.  What’s the difference?


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